Thursday, November 26, 2009

Finding my Voice

Now that I am 18 weeks and some days pregnant, I'm beginning to feel more confident in talking about this new pregnancy. It's becoming more real. It's sinking in. There are more glimmers of hope for the future.

Seeing this little person on the ultrasound screen when I was 16 weeks along has really given me a sense of confirmation. We had a high-level u/s done to look for 'markers' that could indicate Trisomy 18 again, or another genetic condition. It was very detailed, and I am very happy to be able to announce that this baby looks very healthy.

I was terrified going into that ultrasound room. Back into that ultrasound room, where we excitedly and ignorantly sat in March, unaware that the world would crash down only minutes later. With the same technician (mind you, I love her for the care and compassion she showed us immediately after, and for days after we found out about Freja's condition via ultrasound on the day she was born.) It was SCARY! But when she showed me in great detail parts of our baby's anatomy that looked fully formed and free from chrosomal anomalies, I have to admit that my body let out a sigh of relief that it had been harbouring for months.

One hurdle down.

And once again, I'm beginning to feel those first little kicks of life inside of me.

What a miracle it is, each and every child who comes into this world. I am so thrilled that my Freja is going to be a big sister!